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A Brief Dinosaur Monster Discography and Aurally Interactive Pictorial Narrative

Dinosaur Monster was active from 2008-2012. This page shows some of the highlights from that time. Every aspect was DIY including the indie label we worked with Communist Day Care Center.

Here is an audio and pictorial narrative of the band. Also, there is a list of where to download the existing bootlegs of several live shows and a bunch of basement tapes. It's all done on the fly, with that fly on the wall. There are varying degrees of quality and novelty.

CD Release Show at the Berkley Front 5.28.11 The Berkley Front

DM 5-28-11 Poster

01 Mystic Man
02 Electric Voodoo
03 No Quarter
04 Baltic Jam
06 Wig Song
07 Helicopter Ride
08 Broken Furniture
09 Seasons
10 Mini Jim
11 EIM
12 Whitesand Diablo
13 Eyes of Satan
14 Black Sabbath

Dinosaur Monster 4 27 11 The Berkley Front

CDCC Flier

Whitesand Diablo>No Quarter>Whitesand
Mystic Man
Helicopter Ride
Mini Jim

Dinosaur Monster Hybrid Moments Ferndale 6.18.11

DM Hybrid Moments

Mini Jim 
Broken Furniture (Purple Haze)
Eyes of Satan
White Castle 3 AM (One Verse is all You Get)
12 Seasons
Evening In Missoula
Mystic Man
Helicopter Ride


This guy wandered in during the Hybrid Moments show and was running amok and being obnoxious. In this Bush Recording you can hear him grabbing the mic and doing the Hendrix Purple Haze ooos and aaas, I should have been annoyed and maybe the other guys were, but I thought it was funny. I think the incredibly over the top gratuitous band introductions that Josh would do for us invoked this kind of chaos that I've always enjoyed being around. I'm not sure who snapped this photo but it really captures the spirit of the moment. This was a really fun show.

Dinosaur Monster Sparklewood Detroit MI 8.5.11 Axis Mundi Fest

Axis Mundi Fest 8.5.11 Sparklewood

Wig Song>Mini Jim
12 Seasons
Helicopter Ride

This is a really clippy recording. Not the best quality recording but it is muddy sounding like the Primus Brown Album, sorta cool in its own way. It gets better as you listen to it. There were a bunch of bands on this bill. Great little art collective and a great time. It was a super short set but fun and a lot of camaraderie.

12 Seasons 
Sex Farm
Mini Jim 
No Quarter (Tag)
Broken Furniture
Helicopter Ride (Cuts Out)

Show Flier
7.30.11 Burning Ash 

7.30.11 Burning Ash 
7.30.11 Burning Ash 
7.30.11 Burning Ash 
7.30.11 Burning Ash 
Rinse off pool. Yes, there was a mud pit at this show. Ridiculous. Dinosaur Monster was always all about gratuitous excess.

7.30.11 Burning Ash 
7.30.11 Burning Ash 
7.30.11 Burning Ash 

Interesting side View of the classic flier for the 2.11.12 LFA Hall show in Macomb Twp.

6.18.11 Hybrid Moments 

6.18.11 Hybrid Moments 

Josh Soper was our hype man. This was him in action at the 11.11.11 Spinal Tap show. He is the maniac introducing us on both of our studio recording




Dinosaur Monster 2.11.12 
2.11.12 LFA Hall 
A pedal board view of the Giraffe EP guitar setup 
The Giraffe EP Cd Folder Very cool design concept by Jeremy Otto 
The inside of the CD Cover 
The Giraffe EP
This Wall is the original picture of the wall that helped inspire the Giraffe EP album art. 

This image is the Dymaxion Map that was designed by Buckminster Fuller. The Dymaxion Map is a flat version of the world that does not distort the ratio of landmass to ocean size. The map is designed in such a way that it can be folded into a globe. But if you really look closely the map is also a depiction of a Dinosaur Monster. 
Artwork Jason Tafilowski, red marker face drawn by Liam Stockwell 
8.21.10 Brewaroo. This was part of a mini festival put on in the woods in Evart MI.
8.21.10 Brewaroo. That old Peavey bass amp should have its own blog. A true Michigan garage warrior. 

This is where I got the idea for the name of the Dinosaur Monster song Whitesand Diablo.

Dinosaur Monster 12.11.10 at The Farm. In the Kitchen.

1 Whitesand Diablo 12-11-10
2 Helicopter Ride 12-11-10
3 Seasons-Jam 12-11-10
4 Evening In Missoula 12-11-10
5 Mini Jim 12-11-10
6 Wig Song 12-11-10
7 Broken Furniture 12-11-10

DM Deep Cuts Vol. 1 May 2010 Basement Tapes

01 DM podcast opener
02 Wiggin' Out 5-27-10
03 Eyes of Satan 5-27-10
04 12 Seasons in a Day 5-20-10 EDIT
05 GBM 5-19-10 EDIT
06 5-19-10 Diablo Jam
07 5-20-10 Jam
08 12 seasons Jam 5-5-10
09 Whitesand Diablo 5-20-20 EDIT
10 5-26-10 Jam
11 5-27-10 Jam II

This is 1 of 5 of a bootleg series from the basement. Fly on the wall recordings including plenty of band banter as well as a montage of the writing process of the first album.

Originally titled DM AAAAA!

DM Deep Cuts Vol. 2 May 2010 Basement Tapes

01 Wiggin' Out 5-5-10
02 5-12-10 IV Broken Furniture
03 GBM 5-13-10
04 Wangtong 5-13-10
05 Whitesand Diablo 4-30-10
06 5-5-10 Jam
07 Black Sabbath 5-13-10
08 5-12-10 Jam
09 21
10 Eyes of Satan

This is 2 of 5 of a bootleg series from the basement. Fly on the wall recordings including plenty of band banter as well as a montage of the writing process of the first album.

Originally titled Dum-Stupid

The 22 minute 5-5-10 Wig song is really interesting. You can tell we're still writing the intro. There are some hesitations but ultimately we are having fun playing it and in the zone.

This was how we wrote music. Brainstorming and then running through transitions until we got them right. Recording and going back and listening was a huge part of this process as well. These deep cuts are all examples of the first record coming together.

DM Deep Cuts Vol. 3 July 2010 Basement tapes

Black Sabbath 7-7-10
Broken Furniture 7-7-10
Buckyballs 7-12-10
Buckyballs 7-2-10
Evening in Missoula 7-7-10
Eyes of Satan 7-2-10
GBM Harmony
Killing in the Name 6-28-10
Whitesand Diablo 7-2-10
Whitesand Diablo 7-21-10
Wiggin Out 7-21-10 (Partial)
Wiggin out banter and Jam 7-2-10
broken furniture 7-21-10

This is 3 of 5 of a bootleg series from the basement. Fly on the wall recordings including plenty of band banter as well as a montage of the writing process of the first album.

Originally titled We're Gonna Make Things Out of Metal

DM Deep Cuts Vol. 4 Winter 2011 Basement Tapes

 1-21-11 I Jam
1-21-11 III Jam
3-3-11 I jam
3-17-11 Jam

More basement jams. Jamming out, recording the jams and then relistening to them was a big part of how we wrote music.
DM Deep Cuts Vol. 5 Giraffe EP  January 2012 Basement Tapes

Alternate Album Cover

1-4-12 DR000148 (59:53)
Burner rehearsals (35:14)
Ballad of Waco Johnny (48:08)
Medicated Catatonic Earth (55:00)
11-7-11 Jam (20:04)
Burner Demo (11:00)
DR000123 (4:40)
DR000124 Dixie Dregs Demo (8:24)
DR000130 Ballad of Waco Johnny Demo Clippy (3:41)
DR000137 11.11.11 Out of tune Keyboard Tap Set (26:00)
Mind of a Mystic Man Prelim mix (5:26)
Ballad of Waco Johnny Prelim Mix (4:04)

Not Great quality but still listenable. It documents the band during the recording process for the Giraffe EP and features some unreleased songs that were supposed to be a part of a larger album but never got released.

Dinosaur Monster Wig Live

This Track almost made the album but we cut it.  The vocals were off in the live mix and we tried to add some subtly in the studio but it never sounded right.

This is a collaboration with my best friend and music collaborator Ryan Hart.  He wrote the lyrics on my suggestion of building a wig from the hair that I find lying around.  I wrote the music, we never finished the song though we always segued into another song from the Wig song.

Here is the original e mail:

From: Ryan Hart
Date: Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 11:57 AM
To: Jason Tafilowski

Well maybe you can fit in some of these lines:

He used to wear
a pony tail
or let his hair
fall down
it used to be
no so scarce
upon his
bony crown
the days are gone
of flowing locks
the days of
combing hair
Now he needs
to build a wig
because his
head is bare


He's building a wig a so grand
One built for royalty
Word will spread across the land
For other to come and see


A wig of grand
A wig of might
A wig that marches through the night
A wig of makeshift
A wig of wonder
A wig built from the hair of others
A wig of stature
A wig of pride
A wig ridiculously dyed
He don't know
Just what he wants
But to brush his hair aside...
A wig of .. Grand....
Some hair he finds
Some hair he steals
Some wound up
In his meals

Some hair his friends
cut to give him
in shady
back alley deals
And when his
mustache is
good and long
ready for a trim
He pulls scissors
out from his coat
that he always
keeps on him

now you have more material to work with...

2x12s are a J Perch

Guitar tracking the Giraffe EP

Giraffe EP
Guitar Tracking the Giraffe EP.

Recording Self Titled Album
Thinky Ken

Recording Self Titled Album

Recording Self Titled Album
Jeremy of CDCC. Puttin' in the hours.

Recording Self Titled Album

Our None More Black Rehearsal Space.



Our first visual Propaganda.